Truck Tire Regrooving

A Van Alstine groover will save on fuel, save on tires, improve traction, and you’ll make your money back on your investment the first time you use it. All while being good for the environment.

The need for regrooving

Today there is more of a need than ever for truck and fleet owners to keep operating costs as low as possible. Increasing tire mileage and decreasing fuel consumption is the most effective way to achieve this. Fuel and tires are a truckers two biggest expenses. Regrooving is the key to the most cost effective use of both. Truck tire regrooving has been shown to increase tire mileage by 30 % and at the same time dramatically decrease fuel consumption. Simply put, regrooving your truck tires, original rubber and/or retread rubber, will save you a lot of money.

A secondary benefit of being environmentally friendly

An amazing aspect of regrooving is that the same attributes that make regrooving such a tremendous financial benefit also benefit the environment. Better rolling resistance and more efficient fuel usage lead to less fuel consumption and cleaner air. Longer lasting tires with better mileage lead to less tire disposal and a dramatic reduction in the demand for natural resources. In fact, for every four tires that are regrooved, over 150 pounds of raw material are saved. This is enough raw material to produce an entire truck tire.

Regrooving is an underutilized process. Why?

Prior to the Van Alstine G1000 and related products, regrooving was not a user friendly process. Regrooving tools were both slow and required tremendous force to operate or they were difficult to control. These technical limitations made the benefits of this process difficult to achieve. As a consequence, regrooving today is tremendously underutilized.

Proper regrooving is key to maximizing tire life

Two factors contribute to proper regrooving: 1) the ability to accurately follow a desired tread pattern which will re-establish traction and 2) the ability to cut consistently at the proper depth which will maximize the use of the most productive rubber on the tire. Van Alstine groovers are unmatched in these capabilities.

What makes the tremendous benefits of regrooving possible?

Beneath the original tread pattern of a modern tire is the most effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly rubber. Here, tire mileage is at a maximum, while rolling resistance and fuel consumption is at a minimum. It is well known that tread rubber becomes progressively more durable as the tire surface continues to wear. It has been demonstrated that the rubber made useable by regrooving will get twice the miles per 1/32" compared to that of a newer tire. It has also been demonstrated that regrooved tires produce a 20% to 30% improvement in fuel efficiency compared to that of a newer tire. Regrooving enables the utilization of this most productive part of the tire. Calling it the "super rubber" would not be unreasonable.

Regrooving is a versatile process

Modern tires are designed to utilize all resources to optimize cost-effectiveness. Both virgin casings and retreaded tires can be regrooved and will provide thousands upon thousands of safe, fuel efficient miles. In fact, it has been shown that regrooving, then retreading, then regrooving again, may be the best way to maximize tire miles and fuel efficiency. Whatever your tire program happens to be, the introduction of regrooving can only save you money. If you are a truck tire dealer or a retreader, regrooving can be a valuable service for your customers and a source of great profit for you. Proper regrooving is the key to maximizing these tremendous benefits. Van Alstine Grooving Products are the key to proper regrooving.

The reasons for regrooving are clear:

  • The most productive rubber on the tire is accessed
  • Tire life and mileage is increased; tire cost is decreased
  • Decreased rolling resistance leads to fuel savings
  • Environmentally friendly- maximizes fuel efficiency and reduces tire disposal
  • Versatile application- virgin casings or retreaded tires
  • Easy – Van Alstine groovers make this once difficult process easy to accomplish with precision
  • For truck tire dealers and retreaders it can be a valuable service for your customers and a source of profit for you

Truck tire regrooving: Cost-effective. Environmentally friendly. Easy.