Van Alstine S-100 Heated Tire Siper

Heated Tire Siper
Heated Tire Siper
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Fast – Sipes Easily with multiple blades
  • Holds up to Thirteen Blades
  • Variable Blade Spacing
  • Cuts Open Sipes & Small Grooves
  • Accurate – Cuts with Control & Visibility
  • Instant Blade Change and Adjustment


WHY the Van Alstine Design is Superior! The Van Alstine S-100 sipes faster, easier, and with more control than ever imaginable. Whether cutting simple sipes or creating complex siping patterns, the possibilities are unlimited. Cutting open sipes with our #1 siping blade allows an extremely thin strip of rubber to be removed, adding even more flexibility to the S-100 Siper. As an added bonus, the S-100 easily cuts small grooves, making this tool not only the perfect siper, but also an inexpensive but effective groover.

Van Alstine razor sharp blades are readily available and are sold 24 per pack.