Van Alstine Groovers

Van Alstine groovers are used to cut, carve, remove, and groove rubber and other heat sensitive materials. The use and benefits of Van Alstine groovers are growing at a rapid pace:

Trucking Tires, Racing Tires, Fork Lift Tires, Industrial Tires, Competitive/Recreational On and Off The Road Tires, Rubber Rollers, Rubber Matting, Rubber Conveyor Belts, Playground/Rubber Surfacing, Snow Mobile Tracks, Foam Board, Resilient Plastic, Cable Jacketing… Anywhere traction and value are needed.

Their functionality is unmatched. Their patented designs truly put them in a class of their own.

Van Alstine Mfg. designs, manufactures and sells two groovers: The GV1000 and V100.

GV1000 Groover
V100 Groover

The V100 and the GV1000 are the top tools in the industry. Both tools employ the patented Van Alstine cutting system. As such, whether you purchase the GV1000, the V100, or both, you will be purchasing a tool that has superior cutting capabilities across all applications. They cut cooler, cleaner, and require less force to push the blade through the rubber.

Which groover is right for you, the GV1000, the V100, or both? Click on the images above to learn about the strengths of each tool.